"Conversation History" Link (archived personal Teams chats) fails after UPN change

This is a generally question:

The useraccounts at the destination tenant were created with AD-Sync (AADConnect), but with a so called internal UPN (domain) at the destination. Because of the public domain belongs to the source tenant, the UPN name (domain) at the destination tenant was created like  first.last@company.onmicrosoft.com), then we match the source tenant user and the destination tenant user.

When we start the chats migration, the customers public domain still belongs to the source tenant.

If customers log on at the destination tenant with their "internal" UPN, they could see and open the Conversation History tab within their teams client.

After we move the public domain from the source to the destination tenant, we force also an AD-Fullsync, this changes the UPN-Domain at the destination to e.g. first.last@company.com. But, after this change the users are not longer able to open the "Conversation history" tab - the link fails. If we copy the original Conversation History Link and change the UPN -which was within the Link-, the user could again access the Conversation History web site and data.

The original Conversation History Link shows this (UPN: first.last@customer.onmicrosoft.com):


If we change the link to contain the new UPN (new UPN: first.last@customer.com), the Conversation History Link works:


Are you aware of thís problem?

Is there a possibility to change this Conversation History Link with the ODM tool after the chats archive migration and after the UPN change?

Or - for the next migration - what could we do to avoid his problem (the public domain could always always be moved to the destination tenant only after the ODM migration, means, the migrations always works with internal UPN's at the destination tenant).