User SID history migration doesn't work - target object not found

Hello there!

I'm running ODM Active Directory with trial license. I have two single-domain AD forests. I've configured my domains for SID history migration.

I have a problem with copying SID history to user account. I have created two users accounts AD1\user1 and AD2\user1

After my Workflow finishes and I check SIDHistory attribute of AD2\user1, I can see that SIDHistory has not been migrated to user1 account.

Workflow finishes without errors but following events can be found:

176755183,Stage Data,Disabled,"","","template1",,Info,"Syncing object CN=User 1,OU=Test Users,DC=AD1,DC=com.",,09/06/2023 14:44:23
176755183,Stage Data,Disabled,"","","template1",,Info,"No matching target object was found, and the Do Not Create option is enabled. Object will not be created.",,09/06/2023 14:44:23
176755183,Stage Data,Disabled,"","","template1",,Info,"No object changes will be synced.",,09/06/2023 14:44:23

My workflow matches users with following attributes and order:

1. sAMAccountName sAMAccountName
2. employeeID employeeNumber
3. Name Name

Directory agent has been installed on both AD forests and agents are online. Agent is configured to contain OU's with user accounts.

Both user accounts have same samaccountname so match should succeed. Any ideas why it says no matching target object was not found?