Where can I find the documentation for the Tenant-to-tenant migration for Public Folders?

I am trying to find what the Quest On Demand can and cannot migrate related to a Tenant-to-tenant Public Folders migration, but I am not able to find the documentation. 


  • The Quest On Demand website provides documentation for Tenant-to-tenant migration of Public Folders, offering comprehensive guidance on the process. This documentation covers what Quest On Demand can migrate, such as the hierarchy, content, permissions, email addresses, rules, and settings of Public Folders. However, it also specifies what cannot be migrated, including tags, calendar events, appointments, contacts, and tasks associated with Public Folders.

    Certain prerequisites must be met for this migration, including enabling Public Folders in both the source and target tenants, ensuring they are in the same geographic region, using the same Exchange Online version and mailbox plan, and having the same Azure Active Directory tenant. Additionally, it's important to disable mail-enabled Public Folders before migration, update permissions and links in the target tenant post-migration, and reach out to Quest On Demand support for specific queries.