Getting error while Granting Consent for TEAM Migraiton.

We are getting error message "The app is trying to access a service '2d4d3d8e-2be3-4bef-9f87-7875a61c29de'(OneNote) that your organization '2ac9d370-aad1-4145-a196-b5f316870c24' lacks a service principal for. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions or consent to the application in order to create the required service principal." while granting Consent for TEAM migration. Please help on this.

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    Thanks for posting to the On Demand forum. I understand you are experiencing issues granting consent for Teams in ODM. Does the dedicated ODM service account you are using have a Teams license in the respective M365 tenant? If not, then adding a Teams license will be required. If you have already assigned the ODM service account a Teams license and are still getting this error, then you may need to go to and authenticate using your ODM service account. This will force OneNote to initialize. You should then be able to grant consent to ODM Teams. Here is a related KB article.


    Trevor Taegder
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