Hybrid Device Join Removal for Offline Domain Join Device Migration

There is an option for when migrating devices to a new domain to Perform Hybrid Azure AD Leave & Join. Is there an option for this when doing an a Offline Domain Join Device migration?

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  • Hi John, apologies for that. Both the standard and ODJ cutover actions include a parameter that determines whether the dsregcmd tasks should be performed; however, this parameter is set to False by default. 

    For standard cutovers, it changes to True when that option is selected in the migration profile. For ODJ cutovers, this requires elevated access to customize the task and set this to True or requires creating a standalone custom task to perform the hybrid leave & join. These customizations can be completed by Quest consultants and certified partners.

  • Hi Becky I have same situation, Devices will be ODJ however I carried out a test device migration using ODJ process I have option to select the "perform Microsoft Entra hybrid join and leave" in the Profile but the device after the migration was Entra Joined. So just thinking if ODJ supports Hybrid Join option and if yes did I miss a step? Thanks.

  • Hi Jimmy, if you are a Quest consultant or certified partner, you can request elevated access to your project configuration. This will allow you to view the default ODJ cutover script and change the parameter MigrationOption_PerformAzureADJoin from $false to $true. When this is set to True, the ODJ action should run the dsregcmd tasks in addition to the normal ODJ tasks.

  • Hi Becky, Thanks I will raise a support ticket and get this enabled Thanks for your help.