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Restart a migration job for one particular mailbox within a batch


Let's say i have created a batch job with 10 users in it. After the migration is completed for this batch, is it possible to just restart one user within this batch?

From the portal it seems like i am unable to do so. Just want to confirm.



  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting to the On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) forum. The short answer: It depends on if the user's migration actually failed. If the single user's migration stopped as "Interrupted", for example, then yes you will be able to check a box for that user and "Restart Selected", to just re-migrate that single user. However, if the user's migration did not fail, then ODME does not currently allow you to "Restart Selected", but an Enhancement Request has been logged for this issue and will be considered for a future release of ODME.

    Here is an example of the "Restart Selected" feature for failed users:

    The longer answer: If there are only a couple of users in a migration plan that need to be re-migrated, and the migration did not fail, then we would recommend creating a new migration plan with just those users instead of re-migrating all of the users in the original migration plan again. If you were to run the original migration plan again, then those users who were successful on the first migration would be using up the second of 10 successful migrations included with their license. You can start with a new blank migration plan and add users, or you can copy an existing migration plan, by clicking the Copy button, and choose to only include users by their migration status, or copy over all the users and remove the users that don't need to be migrated by deleting them from the mailboxes list.