Read migrated mail marked s unread


configured ODME for a migration from Exchange (hosted by a provider) to Exchange Online.

We are in the phase of testing with some mailboxes and noticed that after synced mail data all read e-mails from

source mailbox are marked as unread after the syncing process is completed. No evidence of a configuration setting to avoid

this problem.

Could you please help to diagnose?


Guido Bosco

Var Group S.p.A.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting to the On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues migrating mail from a hosted Exchange environment to Office 365. If I understand correctly, mail that is marked as "read" in the source is being migrated as "unread".

    ODME migrates the read/unread status of the email the first time that particular is migrated. The read/unread status is not updated on subsequent migrations. For example, if an email was migrated 1 week ago and was "unread" in the source at that time, then it would have been migrated as "unread". If the email was read by the user yesterday and a new migration was started today, the email would remain "unread".

    Does the example above explain what you are seeing?

    Outside of that example, if you are seeing large scale issues with migrating the read/unread status of emails, then we would suggest creating a Service Request so that a Support Engineer can reach out to you to troubleshoot this issue further:


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Hi,

    thanks for the answer. 

    Problem appears immediately, at first time sync all read e-mail objects from source hosted Exchange are synced as unread. This strange behaviour continues with subsequent syncs.

    I will open a service request.


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