EPX provides electronic funds processing for debit and credit cards, electronic check transactions, and other financial transfers. The company interfaces with all the major credit card organizations as well as the federal banking community and all of the international funds exchange institutions. On average, EPX processes about 2 million financial transactions a day—and with their clientele, the pressure couldn’t be greater.

For database replication, EPX needed a solution that “just works”, notes EPX Senior Database Administrator Patrick Smith—and one that was easy to monitor and maintain.

EPX was using GoldenGate, which it found challenging to implement and costly to manage.

When GoldenGate failed to replicate a client’s data accurately, it hit EPX with costly settlements on mistaken debit and credit card billings—and sent them on a search for a better replication solution.

They looked at several and chose SharePlex for a month-long proof of concept. EPX was impressed with the SharePlex solutions’ accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and cost of implementation. They liked SharePlex built-in verification features, capabilities that would have meant a costly add-on with GoldenGate.

The result of the switch? EPX now spends a mere 30 minutes a week monitoring SharePlex—as compared to 30 hours a week with GoldenGate.

Says Smith, “If you want to solve your replication issues in a timely and effective manner with a high confidence of actually succeeding in your project initiatives, SharePlex is the best solution on the market.”


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