Quest and erwin teams have been very busy working thru the erwin integration and are incredibly excited for erwin partners to join Quest Partner Circle at the beginning of June.

As we work through the integration, we are aiming to preserve the respective channel expertise as much as possible.  In order to achieve that, please note that we will keep the Distribution businesses separate until at least the end of our FY22 (end Jan 2022).  Though there are merits to full integration, in this case we felt it more prudent to maintain business continuity and consistency for the foreseeable future. 

Put simply, that means that:

  • erwin products will only be available from approved erwin Distributors; and
  • Quest products will only be available through approved Quest Distributors

There are a small number of Distribution Partners that are approved by both businesses and will continue to be able to sell both lines, but for the most part we will be maintaining separation. 

If you need more details on the integration timelines, or help identifying our Quest and erwin Distribution Partners, please contact your Channel Manager or the Quest Partner Circle team.

Stay tuned for more information on the integration as we get closer to our go live date in early June!

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