What’s happening?

We are very excited to announce that, in concert with the KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management Fireball release, our new, co-management add-on is available to SMA 10.2 customers who wish to take advantage of the new Modern Management approach for Windows and Mac computers.

Notification Main Message

KACE Unified Endpoint Management gives you the flexibility you need to manage all your endpoints the way you want.

Customers now have the flexibility to manage all of their endpoints together in a variety of ways including cloud versus on premises, subscription vs perpetual licensing, modern vs traditional management.

Why is this important?

In addition to the deep, traditional on-premises based management for servers and computers using a perpetual license, customers can now also enroll and  manage their Windows and Mac computers with cloud based, subscription management - similar to how they manage iPads.

Who does this impact?

Customers and prospects looking for simpler, cloud based enrollment and management


Available now anywhere KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management is available.

Action required

Please familiarize yourself with the content of the KACE SMA 10.2 Co-Management Add-On Confluence page for details including FAQs, sales motion, tools to help you distinguish between the available management types and a how to build a quote flowchart.

Additional Information 

Provided in the attached Channel Co-Management Suppliment

Channel Co-Management Suppliment.pdf
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