We are excited to announce NetVault 13.0 and NetVault Plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 13.0 releases are available. These releases include new features and enhancements to deliver even more value to existing customers and make it more competitive for you to win more deals.


NetVault 13.0

  • Integrate, streamline, guide, and improve NetVault operations and processes through a new RESTful API
  • Reduce license administration and complexity with a new server-side license method
  • Improve QoreStor deduplication and performance at scale with QoreStor scale-out intelligence
  • Reduce backup windows and resource usage with intelligent synthetic full backups generated by metadata only
  • Extend NetApp protection strategies with new volume snapshot support
  • Simplify data encryption configuration and administration with integrated encryption plug-ins
  • Experience improved NetVault database security and performance
  • Manage the NetVault WebUI with new Microsoft Edge support
  • Deploy NetVault in more environments with support for new operating system platforms

NetVault Plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 13.0

In addition to protecting Exchange and SharePoint Online, Azure Active Directory and OneDrive, NetVault adds the following protection:

  • Protect Teams environments with new support for backup and recovery of Teams sites, including protection for data as well as business logic and application connections
  • Extend protection coverage with new backup and recovery capabilities for user calendars
  • Reduce backup and recovery windows with multiple performance improvements including distributed multi-process architecture, enhanced selection capabilities, and reduced processing overhead

Learn more about NetVault here and discover all the power of NetVault for Office 365 here

Now, you have an even stronger data protection solution to sell and have good reason to call your NetVault customers to discover new opportunities

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