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We’re excited to roll out an overview "one-pager" of our Quest Microsoft Platform Management portfolio. This is intended to be a “one-pager” that you can print out and bring with you to an onsite client visit, or review over the phone.

DOWNLOAD the one-pager HERE

While it’s a “one-pager”, there are two sides front and back. To quickly review each side:

Side 1

Helps give a quick overview of everything we do in the Microsoft space. Often it’s a way to show, for example, a Change Auditor customer all the other different products and platforms we support (cross-sell/up-sell).

Here are some talking points for side 1:

Our award-winning, Microsoft platform management solutions have been used to migrate, secure and manage more than 180 million users around the globe – across all the cloud/hybrid/on-prem Microsoft platforms you see here on this diagram.

But the Quest difference – what makes us unique from every other vendor — ACTIVE DIRECTORY. We list Active Directory in the center of this diagram because THIS is where we stand out and differentiate ourselves while going back to our roots. We are the Active Directory leaders … and we have been since the beginning. With Quest, you get market-leading AD solutions for the entire life-cycle: from ZeroIMPACT Migration, to On-prem and Hybrid Security and Compliance, and of course automating manual management and administration tasks across your environment.

We focus on optimizing AD first, because it’s the backbone of your organization and the key to any business mandate, initiative or innovation. And then after we optimize and secure your AD, we can expand our offering to the rest of your Microsoft environment that AD controls, such as Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business and more!

Side 2

Provides the menu of all the different products we offer.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Austin.Collins@quest.com 

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