As we all know, ransomware represents a significant danger to all organizations. While cybersecurity software may be the best means to detect and prevent ransomware, it cannot always stop it.

To reduce risk to the business, IT organizations must have a plan and acquire technology with which to recover after an attack. Furthermore, they also need a backup solution that not only offers comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities to help prevent an attack and restore data after an attack, but also:

  • Mitigates the risks of ransomware impacting your business
  • Reduces the number of core components that can be attacked
  • Limits exposure to data capture techniques
  • Restricts your backup data from ransomware

Ransomware isn’t new and it’s here to stay. Even though you can’t make your customers’ organizations completely immune against ransomware attacks, you can help them mitigate the risks when they have a backup solution that not only ensures comprehensive backup and recovery, but also shields their backups and other data from exposure to ransomware perpetrators. This white paper provides best practices in preventing a ransomware attack and explores the anti-ransomware capabilities NetVault® Plus provides.

DCIG ranked NetVault Plus as one of the top 5 SME Ransomware Prevention solutions.

DCIG NetVault Ransomware Prevention Award

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