Last week we announced that Quest is officially acquiring Binary Tree, one of the leading providers of cloud migration and modernization solutions for Microsoft Platforms. Binary Tree will join Quest's Platform Management Team, which helps hundreds of thousands of customers modernize their Microsoft environments.

We know you may have some questions about this! Please have a look at the information below as we cover some basic Q&A that you are likely thinking about. But, if you have other questions, please reach out your Channel Account Manager/Alliance Manager.

For additional information, please read the full press release.

Q: What is our overall strategy for integrating Binary Tree into the Quest Microsoft Platform Management business unit?  
A: Our intention is to operate with minimal change in Q3, before fully combining Binary Tree teams and operations with Quest over the next six months. As such, Binary Tree and Quest will largely continue operating business as usual in Q3.

Q: Will Quest be discontinuing any of Binary Tree’s technology?
A: Quest’s acquisition of Binary Tree is an investment in its people, partners and products. Binary Tree’s customers and partners can continue to invest in Binary Tree technology with confidence, knowing Binary Tree will have a long-term home within Quest, and that we will continue to invest in the Binary Tree product lines in both the short and long term.

Q: Why is this acquisition good for Quest and Binary Tree customers & partners? What does the combination of Quest and Binary Tree mean for them?
A: The deal will allow our customers, as well as Binary Tree customers and partners, to partner with a single vendor for all their requirements to move, manage, and secure their complete Microsoft and Office 365 environments.

Q: Will Quest channel partners be authorized to sell Binary Tree products and vice versa?
A: As part of the integration effort, the longer-term cross channel sales enablement will be addressed and communicated to all partners for both Quest and Binary Tree in the next six months.

Q: Should Binary Tree customers & partners continue to contact Binary Tree for customer support? How will this work moving forward?
A: Yes, Binary Tree customers and partners should continue to contact Binary Tree technical support as they do today. The Quest and Binary Tree technical support teams will work together on integration planning to provide a more consistent customer experience going forward. We will communicate over time as changes are introduced. For now, there are no changes to the support process or experience for Binary Tree customers & partners. Our expectation is that Binary Tree’s customers, prospects and partners will eventually be able to take advantage of Quest’s global support offerings, including Quest’s award-winning support website.

Q: How does this acquisition change the way customers and partners do business with Binary Tree and Quest?
A: For now, there are no changes to how customers and partners transact with us. We will continue to operate business as usual with respect to customer and partner contracting and purchasing. Both Quest and Binary Tree customers should continue to transact business just as they do today.

We are very excited about this acquisition and what it will bring to our customers, our partners and your customers. More info will follow in the coming months, but as always please reach out to your Channel Account Manager with any question and comments.

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