Sending alerts via SMS

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I have been using Fogligh NMS (version 6.925239) for while now, and overall I am happy with it.  I have setup a dedicated SMTP server to send out email alerts, but I also want the ability to send out SMS text alerts.  I know I can send SMS messages via my cell phone providers gateway -- for example -- but the problem with this is is sent from a different number evertime.  Does anyone how any recommendations for setting up their own SMS gateway, where I can control the number that the reciever sees?

Does that make sense?

  • Hi Rowan

    We've tried using a modem with and sim card before to run our own sms service but as we use VM's the managment can be a pain. So we swapped to using a SMS service ( you interacte with a webservice which you can then define what number(s) to send the message to, text and who the message is from "Monittoring System", it's been very relaible.

    Hope this helps.



  • I am currently looking at using a service called "PagerDuty" -- I'm on their 30 day free trail, and it is working great... even allows me to "schedule" different techs and create a follow-the-sun on call schedule! .. and for $18 a month, its pretty cheap as well.

    Ideally though I would like to have an in-house solution.

    I have a spare Nexus 4 GMS phone, running Andriod 4.2.2.  It would be great if I could use this phone and SMS service to send the alerts.  Anyone know how?

  • You may consider evaluating Telalert as I have seen other businesses using it for alert notifications.

    David Mendoza

    Foglight Consultant

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