'Unable to connect to resource monitor' after moving database to new server version.

 Hi All, We have recently migrated the Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition database to a new site and upgrade to SQL server standard 2014 SP2. DB connection checks are successful. After clicking the proceed button we are hit with a 'Unable to connect to resource monitor' error message. I am not sure what the pre-requisites are the SQL database. We are running version 7. Any help would be appreciated.

Further to this I am now receiving the below error.

  • Hi Fadi.

    I don't think we tested FVS on SQL 2014 SP but you are welcome to open support ticket so one of our Engineer can verify this.

    Also FVS schedule to end of like at 03/31/2018


    Best regards
  • Just to provide an update - this has now been resolved. The difference was rather than stopping the sql database instance, backup/restore to new location and then try and configure vOPs to connect to the new database I made sure vOPS was online and working on the old database and then configured the new database using the 'set database' button. So it is best to restore the database to the new location whilst the original database is still online and working with vOPs and then configure to connect to the new database. Hope this helps someone.