How to create dashboards based on the out-of-the-box database dashboards?


I am interested in creating a couple of database dashboards (Blocking (Current) and Blocking (History)) based on the database dashboards Activity | Blocking (Current) and Activity | Blocking (History). 

I will appreciate that anybody could share how to do it.

Thanks in advance

Christian Carlos

  • The general procedure is to create a new System module in Configuration/Definitions as a user with "Dashboard Designer" role, then create an empty dashboard in the module using a Layout view.

    Next, you would navigate to the target database dashboard and use the Design tab to identify the view that you want to base your custom dashboard on. You would deep copy that view into your System dashboard.

    Next you would satisfy the required input context of the copied dashboard in your empty dashboard then add the copied view as a child of this dashboard.

    If any of these steps are unfamiliar to you, you will need to spend some time working with WCF to get familiar with the toolkit and capabilities before you embark on this project. The database dashboards are more sophisticated and complex than most in Foglight, so these are a difficult place to start. You can get familiar with WCF using the tutorial in the Foglight Help or working through simpler projects like Building a custom dashboard to summarize LogFilter alarms.


    Brian Wheeldon

  • Thank you Brian!


    Christian Carlos

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