Time Plot Chart: Displaying Multiple Metrics - JavaEE JCA Connection Usage

I'm trying to display JCAConnectionUsage for all the JBoss instances on a particular server. We're not using default JCA Resource - DefaultDS. I can see that datasource metrics, but how can be able to display that metric for all the JBoss instances on a server.

I know in Time Plot Chart, I can have multiple metric bindings, but would I need a context for each of the instances? Please see attached screen shot.

How can I do this without replicating or hard-coding each value.


#JCAConnection.jpgAJ Aslam

  • Hi AJ,

    Here's attaching an example configuration of the Time Plot Chart that shows the CPU utilization of multiple hosts:MultiHostCPUutilizationChartConfig1.gif

    The key is to use the Multiple Parents binding and simply specify the path from your instances to the target metric.

    In your case, the view would have a Context representing all the JBoss instances on a given host and the metric binding would path from those instances to the JCAConnectionUsage metric for each instance.


    Brian Wheeldon

  • untitled3.JPGuntitled2.JPGuntitled1.JPGHello Brian,

    The CPU utilization example would not work for my case as there are multiple JCAConnections. I'm interested in only one which is ADMINDS. Please see screen shot


  • So your question is not how "to display that metric for all the JBoss instances on a server" but rather 'how do I build a query that will return all the JBoss JCAConnection objects that are tagged as 'ADMINDS'.

    Unfortunely, I don't have access to a JBoss data model to inspect and your screenshots don't show the model with enough detail to provide guidance.

    In general you want to start with a query that uses a list of JBoss instances as input and returns all the JCAConnection objects for those instances. Then you would introduce a 'where' clause to the query that limits the results to those that match 'ADMINDS'.

    The result of this query will be the 'Multiple Parents' in the Time Plot Chart data binding.


    Brian Wheeldon

  • Thank you Brian. I was able to do this as per your instructions. Attached are my screen shots for query and view.


    AJ Aslam