Upgrading Foglight SQL Cartridge 5.5.8 SP1

FMS version 5.5.8

Foglight SQL Cartridge 5.5.8-127

Foglight SQL Cartridge SP1 5.5.8-143

I just upgraded from cartridge 5.5.8-127 to 5.5.8-143. I only see one error appear in the log file

2011-05-05 20:16:04.845 ERROR   [http-] com.quest.wcf.core.module.function.AbstractFunction - for function id=system:Dbwc_Common_SQL_Server_upgradedashboard_upgradeui.45 name="'update fglam status with agent counts' from the System module Databases/Dbwc_Common_SQL_Server/UpgradeDashboard/UpgradeUI", the value returned by the script is not a list but a list is expected

I still see the red "upgrade" button appear at the top and next to each SQL agent it says Upgrade is Required. I have repeated the above couple of times and reinstalled the cartridge and restarted the FMS already.

Any clue why it is not recognizing the upgrade?


#AJ Aslam

  • I was able to resolve this issue.


    1) After Foglight SQL Cartridge 5.5.8 SP1 upgrade, restart Foglight Management Server. Browse to the Database dashboard and then upgrade the respective SQL agent that needs an upgrade. If the home screen comes back again with red marks saying upgrade is needed, proceed below

    2) Go to Agent Host - Redeploy the DB_AutoDiscovery Cartridge.

    3) Go to the monitored host where the DB_AutoDiscovery agent is running and execute the following commands

    fglam.exe -q

    fglam.exe -b

    4) Verify the host appears in the Agent Host screen.

    5) Go to Database dashboard and click on Discover More Agents. Select the monitored host and click next. The next screen will be where instance/host information is needed for SQL monitoring. Do not enter anything.

    6) Go to Agent Status. All SQL instances which were disabled/broken will appear. Click Activate.

    7) Go to Database dashboard and validate. The upgrade should not appear.


    #AJ Aslam