365 tenant to 365 tenant migration?

 The folks I am working for (O365 hybrid) have started the process of acquiring a company with O365 Hybrid also...and chances are, this wont be the last one either...typically we consume entities into our environment kill off legacy infrastructure...does quest have any products to help facilitate a tenant to tenant migration of exchange, sharepoint, skype, teams, etc?

  • Your best resource would be to talk to your Account Manager for other products since this forum's focus is for Migration Manager for Exchange only.

    Currently Migration Manager for Exchange does not support migrating mailboxes that are in Office 365 as a source. If the mailboxes and accounts are on-prem and being migrated to Office 365 then the tool can be used.
  • Something like Quest On Demand Migration for Email will help with this. We also have other products that can assist. I will ask our product specialist from that team to reply here.
  • In reply to Luke.Adams:

    I am the product Specialist for the On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) which will do Tenant to Tenant Migrations for email, there are other products that are coming that will allow you to do SharePoint, Teams etc.

    For more information on ODME - www.quest.com/.../

    As Chris mentioned it would be best to talk to you account manager as they would be the best to help you out and might be able to give you some ETA's on the addition products.
  • Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration was one of my problem as well but I am very glad that this problem has been solved by a particular blog. I would like to share this with you all.
    Link: gallery.technet.microsoft.com/.../Office-365-Tenant-Migration-b6824139