Is there any way to script getting information from ODME

Is there any way to script getting information from ODME in a similar way you can from MigrationWiz?


I would like to create my own reports, so having access to the raw data by using REST and/or PowerShell would be reall good.

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    As a best practice, we don't generally recommend performing a "test migration" using an invalid date range, as this will count against the 10 available successful migration "passes" that each mailbox is allowed. However, I do understand that you want to verify the migration settings for each user before starting the production migration. I want to let you know that there is an existing Enhancement Request to provide a "pre-flight check" of all mailboxes in the Mailboxes list (step 2), before performing a migration.

    The Download Additional Details report should show all migration passes for a user. You can create a filter in Excel to filter by user, then sort by the Completion Time (column A) to put the migration passes in sequential order.

    I will go ahead and ask that the product team enter an Enhancement Request to include the migration pass number in the Download Additional Details report.

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    awesome thank you!

    btw EMMigration.ServiceAccount is my alter ego :-D