• ODME modified plan resets all mailboxes to 'Created'

    Hi, we have corrected 2 email addresses in a plan of 50 users (48 had Completed).  After saving the changes, now all 50 mailboxes look like they will start again (Status 'Created' and 0 items/percent).  Why does this happen and when we start it,…

  • ODME Gmail migration - Archive Label to Inbox

    So finished a major migration from GSuite to Exchange Online - things went well. However I had several users stating that there was mail that was archived that came over into their O365 Mailbox into the inbox. This seems like its a bit unexpected but…

  • Office 365 Hybrid Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid Tenant Migration with active directory Inter-forest migration


    We have scenario where we need to do Office 365 Hybrid Tenant to Office 365 Hybrid Tenant Migration along with active directory Inter-forest migration

    Contoso has been acquired by fabrikam.com. we have 2 Forest contoso.com and fabrikam.com, both the…

  • Impersonation configuration question!

    Are the impersonation configuration on the service accounts created for the migration intended to be on the target or the source environment?

  • Appointment time is being offset by UTC (115085)

    Hello folks,


    after several migrations from groupwise 2014 r2 to exchange 2016 we have the same behaviour described in the following KB article:




    • Title

      Appointment time are being offset…
  • Is there any way to script getting information from ODME

    Is there any way to script getting information from ODME in a similar way you can from MigrationWiz?


    I would like to create my own reports, so having access to the raw data by using REST and/or PowerShell would be reall good.

  • Has Anyone Ever Migrated from GoDaddy to Office 365 using this tool?

    What are some common problems/pitfalls you've seen when starting this process?

  • How to improve migration performance when migrating to and from Exchange, or Office 365, with a new throttling policy

    By default, both on-premise Exchange and Office 365 use throttling policies to help ensure that a single user does not use up their fair share of Exchange server resources. Under normal conditions, this ensures that the Exchange server remains healthy…

  • Best practices for migrating with On Demand Migration for Email (ODME)

    1.- Ensure the source endpoint allows access to the ODME IP Public addresses. These details are listed in the "Migrate" section within an ODME plan:

    2.- It is very important to realize that ODME is not a sync-and-switch solution or a solution…

  • The latest version of On Demand Migration for Email is 1.10

    Quest® On Demand Migration for Email securely migrates data to Office 365 and on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange email platforms leveraging a hosted infrastructure to minimize the footprint within each organization. From a single console, you can…

  • ODME and potential duplicate message

    Hello all-

    We are using ODME to perform an Office 365 to Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.

    Well before we came on site, the customer tried using Bit Titan and copied mailbox data from 2 source to 2 target mailboxes but stopped mid-stream. They abandoned…