ODME Gmail migration - Archive Label to Inbox

So finished a major migration from GSuite to Exchange Online - things went well. However I had several users stating that there was mail that was archived that came over into their O365 Mailbox into the inbox. This seems like its a bit unexpected but email should be following the label. 

Here was the configuration:

Specify the preferred processing method for Google Labels. There are two options

  •  Create a folder for each label and copy messages into the corresponding folders. Messages with multiple labels will appear in multiple target folders.
  • Advanced options when migrating labels to folders (processed from top to bottom):

    •  If Inbox label is present, ignore all other labels.
    •  If Sent Mail label is present, ignore all other labels.
    •  If Drafts label is present, ignore all other labels.
    •  Ignore Important label, but process other labels. <--checked


      •  Migrate All
      •  Exclude:
    •  Deleted Items <--checked
    •  Junk Email <--checked
    •  Sent Items 

    Specific Folders: \Drafts 

    So based on this configuration - that behavior seems odd. Ideas?
  • Hello John,

    Thank you for posting to the On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) forum. If I understand correctly, you had reports from several users that email that was archived in G Suite (no label), was migrated to the Inbox in Office 365, is that correct?

    I performed a test based on the information and configuration you provided. The results of my test is that archived items in G Suite were migrated to the archive in Office 365. Google does mention that if an archived mail item is replied to, then it will be put back in the G Suite Inbox. Perhaps this behavior explains what you have seen for several users?

    If you would like to investigate this issue further, then you would need to create a Service Request. A Service Request can be created on the following page:


    Or by calling: 1-800-306-9329


    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support