What features does QoreStor 4.1 support?

If you are familiar with the DR appliance which QoreStor is based on it supports the following major features.

Enterprise Class Dedupe and Compression - An average savings of 93% on typical backup workloads

Managed Replication - Ability to allow the backup application to replicate individual jobs.

Encryption at Rest - Ensures data is fully encrypted on disk

Secure Connect  - Enables Encryption in flight and auto reconnect over the WAN

Source Side Dedupe - Reduces network traffic and can significantly speed up backups the more clients you have.

Direct to Target - Allows data to go directly QoreStor vs passing through a media server reducing points of contention in the data path

Storage Groups - Allows MSP and controlled environments to segment data and track actual usage.

OST  Protocol Support -  Netbackup and Backup Exec Support 

RDA Protocol Support - QoreStor version 4.1 supports RDA version 4.0.3 and later which allows for NV and vRanger Support.