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Qorestor Standard 1TB disk space requirements


I was deploying Qorestor intending to use the 1tb free license as a test. After assigning a 1tb secondary disk to the VM and deploying Qorestor to it the "Physical Capacity" was only 765gb. What has the remaining 235gb been used for? Does this ~25% space loss scale with larger disks (eg 470gb lost from a 2tb install)?

Thank you

  • Hi - some space is taken up by the Metadata dictionary files. Depending on what type of mode you choose on installation (Large, Standard, Cloud and Demo) depends on the size of the metadata files and the maximum size of the repository. Large - max repo size: 360TB Metadata 700GB - Standard is 150TB and 500GB Cloud is 43TB and 96GB. Note you can also choose a different directory/partition for the metadata. 

    To confirm the community edition does give you 1TiB of available storage if you have enough room. Build a VM with 1.4TB of storage should cover you for OS and Metadata on the 43TB Coud mode.