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++Mount point noatime dirsync ++


I want to install QoreStore on CentOS 3.10.0-862 but struggeling with a missing mount options (noatime dirsync) message.
For me everything looks fine. Any idea what I have to do to get this running?

  • From the screenshots it looks like the root file system '/' is mounted with the UUID of 915d6d1d-3d3c-4b41-90da-4643be1a560d

    If the directory /QS_REP is a folder under this filesystem then we should add our values to the root filesystem.  

    I would suggest checking the following.

    Check exactly where /QS_REP is mounted

    df /QS_REP


    [root@qorestor1 ~]# df /tmp
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/mapper/centos-root 52403200 43840164 8563036 84% /

    Notice in this point it is mounted on /

    Check options on the currently mounted filesystem from above

    cat /proc/mounts | grep -w /

    clean up /etc/fstab

    If this is correct and it's mounted on / then I would suggest removing all of the UUID lines for 915d6d1d-3d3c-4b41-90da-4643be1a560d and leave the line for /dev/mapper/centos-root.


    I looks like the correct options are in the /etc/fstab for that already but might not be active (not in the current /proc/mounts), if that is the case please reboot and try again.


    Thank you

  • QS_REP is a folder directly on /
    Here you see screenshots of the comands you posted.

    When I click yes and reboot at the point "Do oyu authori......" nothing changes.

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