Deploy OVF OS and DATA on different data stores?

I'm deploying a Tier 1 VMware OVF template. I have SSD's and SATA drives in my SAN. I want to deploy the OS drive on SSD and Data on SATA but I don't see that option during deployment. 

How do I accomplish this? 

  • Hello

    Tier 1 VMware OVF template comes with 3 disks:

    1 for OS (64GB size)

    1 for QS metadata (300GB size)

    1 for QS data (1TB size)

    When you are deploying the OVF it will only ask for 1 location (datastore) after completing the deployment you can move the vmdk's to the datastores you want, but what I don't fully understand is why you want to put OS in SSD and Data on SATA? My 2 cents here will be to put QS metadata disk in SSD and everything else in SATA (of course the optimum will be having QS metadata and QS data in SSD and OS in SATA)

    Let me know if this answers your question.

  • Apologies, I meant to write Tier 2 OVF, not Tier 1. 

    The way the sales engineer explained it is OS and Metadata on SSD and the data drive(s) can be SATA. Hope that's the case as that's the way I spec'd my storage for this project. I have a SAN that has SSD and SATA. 

  • In this case it has 5 disks:

    1 for OS (64GB size)

    1 for QS metadata (512GB size)

    3 for QS data (5TB size total, 1.7TB each)

    Basically it's the same you just move the 64gb and the 512gb to the SSD datastore and leave the others in SATA. Problem here is that you need to select just 1 datastore and it will accommodate everything on that datastore and then you can move. I will suggest put everything in SATA and then after creation move the vmdk's that goes in SSD to SSD.