i lost my volume data - now i change three disks, my volume data is OK but i can't use it .

At power up the system ask me to do a init command but this command fail.

How can i do to have my system up and runnig.


  • Hello  

    Do you have any screenshot you can share?

    Did you delete the Virtual Disk and recreated it? if yes, it has to have the same name than before.

    Name: Virtual Disk 0 for the OS Virtual Disk RAID-1

    Name: DATAVol for the Data Virtual Disk RAID-6

  • hello , i sent  screenshot for this probleme

    administrator@DR4100L > system --init
    Please enter the administrator password:

     Node name         = DR4100L
     IP address (bond0) =

    Please verify the above information is correct.

    WARNING: This operation will destroy all data in the system!
    Do you want to continue (y/n)?

    Deleted CIFS user administrator.
    Stopping Filesystem services... Done.
    Error: Failed to find rootfs device.
    Updating configuration files... Done.
    Cleaning diagnostics... Done.
    Removing all Replication Snapshot(s)... Done.
    Removing Seeding device mount... Done.
    Shutting down all storage volumes... Done.
    Clearing data... Error: Failed to recreate root filesystem.
    Warning, failed running storage --clear...
    Resetting alert(s)... Done.
    Verifying user accounts... Done.
    Stopping xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]
    Starting xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]
    Restarting Filesystem services... Done.
    Error occurred trying to initialize node.

    Try and initialize the node again and if the
    problem persists reboot the system and try again.
    administrator@DR4100L >

    the init command dont ok