Has anyone heard of the Quest character QoreStor?

According to the specifications and datasheets, the storage appliance appears to be a packaged version of already-available open source technology that supports the same range of hardware as the centos/RHEL distributions. All of those datasheet characteristics, including deduplication and other features, seem to be accomplished with ZFS. - However, I can't find any references to ZFS anywhere.

Really nothing spectacular here, in my opinion. This may be composed on already-existing GNU software (rsync, etc.), but they've packed it with a nice web interface and verified it to make it simpler for non-linux experts to use.

Has anyone ever attempted this? Is this type of what you would expect from a Linux-based storage server platform, or am I missing the boat and there really is some secret sauce put in?

  • Hi, QoreStor does not leverage ZFS in any way. QoreStor has over 10 years' worth of development, it has patented technology included.
    It has a full variable block content aware de-duplication engine, advanced compression algorithms and a no-knowledge encryption technology.
    Built on to that we have a propriety methodology for extending the deduplication footprint directly to cloud storage for a hybrid storage solution. As well as adding a replication technology that ensures only required data is transmitted securely. QoreStor also provides source side de-duplication accelerators for SMB/NFS/OST and RDA.
    QoreStor has the ability to separate different storage technologies and offer the use of different algorithms for faster restoration of data going beyond the use of faster storage subsystems.
    QoreStor also has immutability technologies that are not clock/time or snapshot based.
    It's tested to work with multiple backup solutions and provides customers with the reliance of a fully supported technology.
    You can either use QoreStor as a virtual appliance or leverage the binary installer for hardware based installations.

    Yes, there is 'secret source' involved, you're missing the boat. :-) If you'd like to learn more then please don't hesitate to get in touch.