• QoreStor 7.1 free possible to patch?


    is it possible to download patches to the free 7.1 ova ?

    download page seems to require a licens

    Regards Patrik

  • Qorestor 7 slow chunk verification

    Hello everyone,

    System design.

    Esxi 6.7 environment to be backup with almost 200 servers 

    A dozen physical servers

    A flash array (vmware data stored for servers)

    Fabric switches zones- with dedicated HBa cards on each esxi server- esxi servers connected…

  • qorestor sizing tool

    Hi. Just asking here. I'm currently doing some assessment and plan to do sizing for propose qorestor. I have all the customer backup data but i dont know how to use the qorestor sizing tools to populate all the data. Anyone can guide me?

  • Qorestor Demo version on hyper v, no UI access to qsadmin user


    I hv installed qorestor ready VM from pacakge on Hyper-V for a demo.

    Did followed all startup activities.

    Was able to see UI login page from external browser with ip:5233

    qsadmin credentials are not working here.

    Instead admin user able to login. But…

  • QoreStor Version 5.0 Available Today. August 7

    Hi Everyone, 

    QoreStor 5.0 is out today with support for CIFS, NFS as well as RapidCIFS and RapidNFS. Alongside this QoreStor now supports the following backup software. 

    QoreStor 5.0 supports:

    • Quest NetVault v11 and higher
    • Quest vRanger v 7.6 and hi…
  • What hardware can i run QoreStor on?

    I have run the demo mode of QoreStor and would like to know what type of hardware i can run my production installation on??

  • does qorestor support netvault?

    hi, i just wanted to check and see if QoreStor supports Netvault and if so, which version?