Secure Copy Server Consolidation

I'm trying to consolidate three Windows servers into one.  My problem is that some of the directories,shares, and even files on my three source servers have the same names but may have different data in them.  How do I consolidate this without losing anything?


  • Hello PEWhitle,


    Thanks for the question. Let us begin by detailing the project.


    • You are collapsing three Windows servers into one.


    • There are Folder, File and Share duplicates across the three Windows servers


    • You do not want to lose any data


    Simple enough. Now, let's get a little more information. There are a couple of assumptions that must be affirmed or denied.


    • Will the data from the three servers be going into the same volume/spindle/disk/share?
      • If not, what is the desired folder structure post consolidation?


    These questions need to be answered because in Secure Copy there are options that could be leveraged to your benefit.


    Depending on the answers, Secure Copy can be used to migrate the shares, folders and files from the three servers to the one server in three separate silos on the target server. If that is the case the only real issue may be the root folder name of the source data, which can be changed prior to running the job and the share name if needed. Secure Copy can add a prefix or suffix to a share as part of the migration if it exists already on the target.

     There are a number of options that can be leveraged in the process of consolidation including syncing, filtering, if you know the file and folder names that are duplicated, a file can be created to rename the files and folders in the job to count just a few.

     We are more than willing to assist in designing the data consolidation jobs once we have more details.