Purge files on the target that no longer exist on the source

Can someone please provide a sane answer? I feel like I am losing my mind. We have been using Robocopy for many years with zero issues. We purchased SecureCopy this time round as we bought some new storage and thought a GUI based product would be easier....

Well that has not proven to be the case at all. This is the way we setup our jobs:

Source (file share) target (file share of same name on new storage)

We ran an initial copy job, we did not select Migrate file shares to destination and we did not need the option to create source root share folder on the target as we already had the share created and we did not want a path that would look like e.g.: \\nas1\OPS\OPS 

Initial copy completed, and then we ran sync jobs on schedule with the purge files and folders on the target that no longer exist on the source....Problem is that nothing was purged on the target! We did not notice this until after we went into production on the new storage, by which point it was too late.

I have been unable to get any real clarity from support on this. This was a simple thing to achieve using Robocopy, you ran the initial copy then tweaked your job to then mirror the changes on the source to the target. Very easy. I may be just lacking in knowledge of SecureCopy, but this does not seem to be easy at all with SecureCopy. Can anyone help me please? We have a number of other migrations we need to do and I was hoping to do these in SecureCopy, but it is looking like I am going to need to use Robocopy for these.

Many Thanks!