Can Toad Data Point help me win the lottery?

I was looking at my losing Mega Millions ticket last night and thought 'can I ever win this?'

I am not holding out much hope but then I thought, 'how about if I took the winning numbers for the year so far and tried to find a pattern in them?'



So I went to the website to find the numbers. I thought they used to have a link to download the data directly but that may have been years ago.  So I just copied the data from the web page and put it into a spreadsheet.

I then used Excel to break the ‘Winning Numbers’ data into 5 individual columns, named 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', and 'five'. I know, real original naming convention.

So now my data looks like this:

I then opened my spreadsheet in Toad Data Point and started diving into the data. I really want to win this lottery thing!

In the attached video I show you how I was able to take the data in the spreadsheet and start profiling it and see what kind of trends I could find, and maybe that lucky number combo. Fingers-crossed.

I hope this video will encourage you to find ways to explore your datasets and find those nuggets of gold that are hiding there and help you make more informed decisions for your business. And if it makes you chuckle a little bit, then I am happy.

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