Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.13

Next Monday we launch Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.13, now supporting Exchange 2016 as a target.

As many of you know, Migration Manager for Active Directory is a fan favorite, ensuring ZeroIMPACT to your organization to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your Active Directory (AD). Our solution simplifies your migration and ensures that your users maintain secure access to workstations, resources and email throughout the entire project.

Moving to the cloud? Migration Manager for AD helps you modernize AD. We invite you read this white paper from MVP Darren Mar-Elia, who explains why the best path to the cloud starts with addressing AD. He addresses four core areas, including:

  1. Normalized structure
  2. Consolidated and cleaned-up OUs
  3. Effective security delegation and good management
  4. Accurate provisioning and de-provisioning

Or give it a try...