Now What Do I Do? - A Quick Guide to Installing SharePlex for Linux Environments

Does the process of replicating data from one source to another fill your body with an inner joy like it does mine? The thrill of changing data in one location and watching those changes appear in another, in my eyes is better than well you know….. Ice Cream. If so, then SharePlex is what you’ve been searching for all your life. SharePlex is a near real time data replication tool that replicates data from Oracle to many other database platforms. It’s very versatile and robust and can handle some of the most extreme use cases.

So now what? Data replication excites you and you’ve downloaded the software and are ready to jump right in and install it.


Before you go and just jump in, watch the installation video in this blog which walks you through the process from start to finish on installing SharePlex and setting up replication from one Oracle environment to another. SharePlex is very easy to setup and install and I know you can all do it, but it’s always nice to see it done before jumping in on your own. For myself, I can’t count the times I’ve gone and installed or built something without reading the directions (I am a man after all and we men never need directions) only to have it fail at the end.

So with that being said, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy your video. 

How to install SharePlex for Linux Environments