Monitoring Raspberry Pi with Foglight - Part 1

In a prior post, we looked at installing Raspberry Pi (version 3) as a host to run the Foglight Agent Manager. Since we don't yet have an installer compiled for the ARM processor, it wasn't a very long post!

But, wait! Can Foglight do anything to monitor the Raspberry Pi, or is that a dead end too?

The TL;DR version is that yes, Foglight can monitor the Raspberry Pi just like any other host.

I started by loading Raspbian and booting the device.

I then setup the Foglight Infrastructure agent to remotely monitor the device. So far, so good, it showed up in the Infrastructure dashboard.

The host drill downs also showed up nicely.

These included the drill downs for memory and cpu usage.

I ran a couple programs on the Pi, and Foglight promptly alerted me with a memory paging alarm.

That was a great bit of progress. Stay tuned for the next post to find out what SNMP metrics are available on the Pi. In the meantime, you might want to brush up on the installation and configuration process for Foglight SNMP monitoring.

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