Monitoring Raspberry Pi with Foglight - Part 2

In part one of monitoring Raspberry Pi with Foglight, I showed that the Infrastructure agent worked pretty much as expected when collecting from the Raspbian OS.

I was curious though if it exposed any metrics via snmp. 

The first step was to check if snmpd was even installed and running.

I ran "sudo /etc/init.d/snmpd restart" and to my mild surprise, it showed the service restarting.

Now it was time to see what (if anything) came back from an snmpwalk - so I ran "snmpwalk -v1 -c public localhost" and sure enough, there were metrics available.

I added the host in the Foglight Infrastructure dashboard and the Pi showed up as a target to monitor.

(Need a refresher on installing and enabling snmp monitoring in Foglight?)


After waiting a bit to allow for initial data collection, I tried the additional snmp tabs in the Infrastructure Environment dashboard, and sure enough, we had snmp data for the Raspberry Pi!

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