Same Toad, Cooler Pond. Toad Makes the Leap from Quest


New homes generally rock – and Toad’s new lily pad at Dell is no exception. We’re not saying wasn’t great, but Toad is moving up in the world and has a new address at

But as soon as Toad’s all moved in, there’s no time for kicking back at the new digs. That’s because, just as always, Toad’s got work to do. Toad doesn't mess around. It delivers unrivaled automation to save you hours and simplify your work. Nothing about that is changing.

That’s why Toad has been, and will continue to be, the productivity tool of choice for the millions of database professionals who make up our Toad family. The only thing changing about Toad are the URLs you need to access information, educational resources and trials – but even your old Quest passwords are staying the same.

Know what else hasn’t changed? Our commitment to delivering the powerful toolsets you need to do your job quickly and accurately. Because Toad’s more than just a cool database solution; Toad is a family and a lifestyle. It’s a tight-knit community of users who shun inefficiency and refuse to waste time doing anything manually that they can automate. Toad users know how to get back to the fun stuff, the innovation and the whole having-a-life thing. We’ll always be about that, no matter where we “live.”

The Toad team and our users have been growing and improving together for years now, and the fact that IT magnate Michael Dell recognized the value in us? Well, that just shows what an amazing job we’ve done creating this community-built tool together — and how bright our future is now that we have Dell backing us up.

So update your Favorites list with the new URLs below, and come on in to the virtual house warming party. Because if you’re here, you’re home now. And to all our Toad newbies reading this, welcome to the family.

We’re excited to make this move with all of you, because we couldn't have done it without you.

(Note: The community link is staying the same. If you haven’t bookmarked that yet, be sure to add it now. That site’s packed with fun and educational blogs from industry experts, how-to videos and forums to chat with other Toad users.)