So you missed the Windows Server 2003 Migration Deadline…NOW WHAT?

I know, the headline is a bit premature – the End of Support deadline isn’t for another 25 days and a handful of hours. But if you’re not essentially finished with your Windows Server 2003 migration projects, you’re going to miss that deadline.

On July 22nd, I’m co-presenting with Ann Maya, the General Manager for Quest’s ChangeBASE product line, in a live webcast entitled “Modernize While You Migrate”. The webcast is about how to make the best of the post-July 14 world when you are (still) running Windows Server 2003. 

[August 19] Note: due to a technical difficulty, I had to re-record the webcast in order to be able to make it available as an On-Demand item.

The On Demand version of this webcast is now available! (registration or login required)