The Five Office 365 Migration Superheroes within You

The Powers You Seek are Within Reach

Comic-Con 2016 is nearly upon us, the annual July pilgrimage when thousands of out-and-proud nerds, geeks and fanboys/girls gather in San Diego to celebrate their favorite superheroes, anti-heroes and unrepentant villains. When, for one long weekend, an ordinary DBA or IT Manager can don Stormtrooper armor or a homemade Deadpool outfit and see himself among the pantheon of imaginary greats. But what if you could be a superhero in your job as well? In fact, the powers you seek are within reach; they stand arrayed like your very own Avengers, ready to conquer even the meanest Microsoft® Exchange 2016 or Office 365 migration.


  1. Pre-Migration Man — from him, you get X-ray vision for full visibility into your entire environment; letting you know what to move, when to move it, and what to leave behind. His ability to plan and prioritize minimizes business disruptions and potential revenue loss. And his amazing powers for understanding delegation relationships between users (as well as which sensitive data needs to be scrubbed beforehand) will help you soar above the fray on migration day.


  1. AD Mod Master — since Active Directory (AD) is the source of all authentication, his ability to efficiently optimize your AD environment for Office 365 or Hybrid AD scenarios is indispensable. Given that Active Directory has been around for more than 15 years, AD Mod Man will need to call upon his optimization superpowers to get all your organizational units (OU) nested into a structure that fits your organization — by geography, function or business unit — before the big day.


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  1. Captain Coexistence — she can take two disparate platforms and get them talking together, letting users share directories, free/busy notifications and calendars. Her seamless superpowers make the migration invisible, so users can even change a single instance of a recurring meeting without causing resource conflicts!


  1. Intrepid Pilot — known for his fearlessness in the face of uncertainty, Intrepid Pilot validates your procedures beforehand to root out hidden obstacles that could derail your migration. He expects, even welcomes, problems when he takes the field, valiantly calibrating expectations and making adjustments as required, always careful to document and communicate any changes before migrating to Office 365 or Exchange 2016. 


  1. Recovery Rider — racing across the darkened landscape on his black motorcycle, he provides even the best planned migrations with a back-out plan in the event of an overlooked dependency, connectivity failure or scheduling miscommunication. With a flick of his cape, she can restore your users to their pre-migration state without them ever noticing!

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