The Importance of Third-Party Validation

Third-party validation. No, its purpose isn’t just to stroke our egos in admiration. Nor is it a meaningless attaboy. (“Way to go, little Timmy! You did good today, kiddo.”)

No, third-party validation acts as affirmation — a gut check to make sure we’re not going off track when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs. It’s both the feedback we seek to constantly improve our products and services, as well as a marketing tool to promote our customer successes.

In fact, third-party validation can be life changing. Little did you know, but the reason we eat bacon in the morning is because of third-party validation. At one time, bacon was considered a dinner side. That is until a gentleman named Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) used third-party validation from doctors to confirm that eating a larger breakfast was healthy (4,500 out of 5,000 doctors agreed). After running repeated ads on behalf the Beech-Nut Packing Co., we now think of bacon as, well ... honestly, when should we not be eating bacon?

Where were we? Oh yeah. One of the industry’s leading third-party validation organizations is TechValidate, which allows us to conduct market research right from our customers. And we've received some amazing feedback, including:

  • 83 percent reduced time per week spent monitoring and managing data protection since switching from a competitive solution.
  • 86 percent saved money since switching from their previous vendor.
  • 88 percent found backup and restore faster than with their previous vendor.

See our infographic below and learn more about how we can help you spend less time worrying about your data and more time building your career.  

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