Where Did My Foglight Hosts Services Go?

I had a customer create a service definition for the result set of a search that was done in the Hosts dashboard. But we weren't able to view it in the Service Operations Console nor add it to an existing service definition in the Service Builder.

For some background, in the Hosts dashboard, you can search for a string or a host name and view the matching results. From there, you can give that result set a name so that you can use it in the pulldown menu on the Hosts and Infrastructure dashboards.

Now in the Infrastructure dashboard, I can select "My Special Hosts" and view only those that match.

However, when I go to the Service Operations Console and attempt to select that service, it doesn't show up.

A quick look at the Foglight data model (Configuration -> Data) shows that my service does indeed exist. However, it's classified as an "FSMChildService." I'm not sure what that is.

Next time, I will show you how to expose those services in the Service Builder and ultimately into the Service Operations Console. Stay tuned!

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