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Agent status "Never" on servers with same name, new fresh installation

Hi guys!

Thank you very much for your help.

Happens with a customer that we have 27 agents installed (FS, DC, SQL etc)

They install new DC (three servers) keeping the name and the IP address of the "previous" servers that were installed and auditing, but, at coordinator, appears like "Never" in the agent status, obviously. I try to install from deployment to these server and coordinator says "The target version is already installed".

Manual installation of agent doesn't do anything, except the obvious, i mean, install the agent in the DC server but isn't active in the coordinator.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • Hi mviamonte,

    This issue with the Deployment tab will be fixed in 7.0 (ETA end of the March):

    Defect ID 16544 - Unable to deploy an agent to server if the AD Object was recreated and the host name remains the same

    That being said, after manually install the agent do they show connected to the coordinator from the agent-side (can check via the agent status tray)? If you then close/re-open the client the agent still showing as 'Never' in Deployment tab?

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