Desktop Authority

How is the licence count determined?

How is Desktop Authority Professional calculating the Managed Seats?  Ours is licensed for 150 clients and just yesterday we went from around 120 to 181 clients managed within the last 3 days.  I sent a purchasing inquiry to Quest to get a quote for more to up it to 200 but no one reached out.  I also just today followed the contact link from within the About section in DA (  I hope someone can help us out because now there is a brief message when logging on about a discrepancy in the number of licences counted.

Thing is, we didn't do anything out of the norm.  Just this week, BAM! oversubscribed I guess you can say.

However DA is more accurate now because I know we certainly have closer to 200 machines than 110 - 120 that it's been saying for some time now.

I looked at purchasing additional licences online but I don't know how that would work since I need to add seats to an existing working installation.  Also now they have Desktop Authority Standard or Management Suite.  I do not know which one Desktop Authority "Professional" applies to or what is the difference between both editions.