Choose the Right Deduplication Software. Or Pay the Price in Storage.

Data is growing at an exponential rate which is driving backup storage costs through the roof. Deduplication solutions are designed to eliminate redundant data stored during backup, but not all dedupe solutions are equal.

My colleague Adrian Moir has written a new tech brief called "Deduplication: The hidden truth and what it may be costing you" to shed light on the different approaches to deduplication technologies and highlights the pros and cons of each.

Data reduction technologies

Adrian’s tech brief takes you through a hierarchy of technologies used to reduce the amount of storage space occupied by your ever-changing data:

  • Lossless data compression
  • Single-instancing
  • Fixed-block deduplication
  • Variable-block deduplication

How do you determine what data in a file will match any data you have stored, without having to inspect every bit. The need to match a changing data block size into a new ‘chunk’ that can be matched again for a different data type is a big challenge. To overcome this, the use of a sliding window, variable chunk dedupe with Rabin fingerprinting is used.

There is a next step that can provide even further savings, being aware about the content of the stream itself. For example, Quest® QoreStor adds a content-aware algorithm to its variable-size chunking. The algorithm identifies patterns in the data — in spite of the shifting that results from additions or deletions in the data stream — then aligns the block start- and endpoints to duplicate chunks, while identifying only the changed chunks as unique.

Choose the right technology and you can reduce your costs as well as your data footprint.

Whether you’re a veteran of deduplication technology or you’re making your first-ever backup storage purchase, you’ll find plenty of food for thought in our new tech brief, "Deduplication: The hidden truth and what it may be costing you".

If you are looking to optimize your secondary storage for backup and recovery, hold optimized multiple copies in other locations, even in the cloud, in a cost effective and secure way, then look no further then Quest QoreStor.

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