Wasted Storage is Wasted Money

Last year, we ran a Wastefinder contest and on average customers were wasting over 50% of their storage. Yes - over 50%! Our Systems Engineering team also reports similar numbers when they are engaged in POC´s with our customers.

On top of that, a significant number of of VMs are not aligned according to best practice, which can lead to unnecessary reads and writes and increased latency. For more information see my previous blog: Why you should care about disk alignment.

So there is a lot of storage and money to be recovered in reducing the storage footprint of your virtual infrastructure and increasing performance at the same time.

vOPS Storage vOptimizer allows you to:

  • Detect VMs with wasted storage
  • Decrease the size of system drives and data drives - Save storage and money
  • Zero fill thin disks and reclaim disk space - Save more storage and money
  • Detect VMs with high disk utilization
  • Increase the size of system drives and data drives - Avoid unplanned outages
  • Detect VMs with misaligned disks - Increase performance and decrease latency
  • Correct misaligned disks after they are created
  • Enter your datastore costs per GB and see how much money you will save
  • Space savings reports and cost reduction reports available. See how much you can save.
  • Very low ROI, you will be amazed!
  • Once you have identified your problems, you can create optimization projects to correct them and schedule these projects to be executed outside your production window.
  • Automation of all steps will result in reliable results, eliminating human errors, minimizing downtime and saving significant man-hours over manually completing tasks.
  • Email notifications will keep you updated on when a project is started, finished and when VM is back online.
  • Optionally use risk mitigation to automatically create a clone of your VM before optimization.
  • If optimization fails for any reason it will roll back to the clone. This is extremely rare but it´s always a best practice to have a roll-back plan in mind in case of disaster.
  • Optimize VMs (Windows and Linux) on both ESX and ESXi.
  • Select starting offset (32KB, 64KB, 1MB or custom) depending on your storage vendor.

To take a look at your environment, download vOPS Storage vOptimizer which is offered as a 30-day or 5 optimization trial. After the trial, the product will continue to operate as vOptimizer Free, our free tool that allows you to continue detect and report.

How much wasted space do you have? I am guessing 50% or more!