No More Large Databases for the Storage Cart

I have some very exciting news.  The new Storage cartridge is coming out.  Version 4.4.  Its due to be released very soon!  The big news for this release is that we are going to migrate the database that has always been a part of the Storage Cartridge off the Agent Manager.  It is being incorporated into the main Foglight Database.  This is HUGE !!!!!  No more second databases.

By removing the database, the footprint of the Storage install is shrunk significantly.  90% less diskspace.  No more running Postgress on the FglAM anymore.  No more hunting for the support bundles on the Fglam.  This will also lead to significantly better stability and much easier and faster deployment.  The resource consumption will also be drastically reduced (since we are not running a local database for the storage cart anymore). 

Another great feature for the 4.4 release is enhancements to the SDK cartridge.  Here is the location to get the binaries and instructions for building the cartridge:

Dashboards | Administration | Cartridges | Components for Download



This will allow you to build an agent for any storage or switches you have in your environment.  We are working on some interesting stuff in this area so stay tuned…..


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