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     We're trying to generate a report on the top 10 largest log file sizes for all instances but are struggling to find the right report template. Has anybody run a report for this data or know of a query we could use to get the data?



  • Hi Jamie,

    The Metric 'total_size_of_log_files' lives in the 'DBSS_Database_Summary' table.

    Here's the query that returns all DBSS_Database_Summary tables in the given SQL Server instances ordered by Log File Size:

    Using the following required input parameters:

        {instances} : list of type foglight-5:DBSS_Instance

    Select objects of type DBSS_Database_Summary from parameter {instances}

        from Root of {instances}/

        to a maximum search depth below the root of 1

        order by:

            total_size_of_log_files/current/max descending

    You can feed this query with the set of all SQL Server instances returned by Databases/SQL Server/SC Data Source (SQL Server)/Get Instances.


    Brian Wheeldon

  • Thanks Brian, shall give this a go today!


  • Hello All,
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