How to move a Local Service (FSMChildService) from one FSMCategory to another one

Basically, I'm able to move nested Global services (FSMService) within multiple FSMCategories and even remove them afterwards without destroying the Global Service. How could we achieve this with a Local Service?

I was thinking something along the lines of using groovy to change the parentService of the FSMChildService object and/or modifying the definition of the FSMCategory that contains this FSMChildService.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • You may get some useful hints about using Groovy with services in this post:

    If you were doing this kind of move often maybe you could think about a different organisation of your services. You could have a global service that contained all the monitored components you care about and this global service could be added to a child service. You could also then add this global service to another child service, as only global services can be added to more than one service. You could then remove if from the old service, all this can be done from the UI.
  • It'd definitely be more sensible to create reusable Global Services to begin with. I'll give it a read just for fun, to see if I can script my way out of this corner.

    Thanks Kris.

  • Hi,
    quick question on the same subject if i may:
    what then should be the advantages of using a Child Local service instead of a child global service? or what are the main differences/considerations...
    thanks a lot in advance for your help
  • Hi,
    Very simply, a global service can be added to any other service or category and a child service cannot be added to another service or category.
    You may have a particular reason to create a service and you don't want that service to become part of any other service, maybe because you added a rule filter to it.
    If you create a global service for your applications these services could then be added to an All Applications service or category. If you added rule filters to these global application services then these would also apply when they are part of the All Applications service. Maybe this is what you want, maybe not.
    Hope that helps,
  • Hi,
    Got it. makes perfect sense.
    thank you!