SNMP Forward Rule Filter for Specific agents.

Hi Team,  My requirement is we don't forward alert Trap for Some Agents. Example:- Agent name Registered with "HBR-Servername","FIN-Servername".

we don't want send HBR alerts to SNMP trap / Netcool.


i have write the Below condition, still its not working some time. please help me some one to validate this code.


def obj = server["TopologyService"].getObject(@event.get("topologyObjectID"));

if (substring(obj.get("agentName"),1,3) !="HBR")
((@event.get("severityName")=="Fatal" || @event.get("severityName")=="Critical" ));




  • Communications between SNMP operators and SNMP management stations is ordinarily secured by doling out a common group name to the specialists and management stations. At the point when a SNMP management station sends a question to the SNMP benefit, the group name of the requestor is contrasted with the group name of the operator. On the off chance that they coordinate, do my assignment uk the SNMP management station has been confirmed. On the off chance that they don't coordinate, the SNMP operator considers the demand a "fizzled get to" endeavor. 


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